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Pure linen Playful hole embroidery Unilateral wavy edge

Brand : Forever Home Decor
Selected Material : 100% linen
Selected Color :
Selected Size : H / W approx. 150/50 cm

Noble textiles that are reminiscent of bygone times are often sought in vain in the present. They bear witness to a nostalgic romance that has a lot to tell. This is what this beautiful table runner, which is made of natural linen, stands for. The natural quality is obtained from the fiber-rich stalks of the flax and impresses with its elegant wrinkled effect and irregular structure. The artistically crafted hole embroidery in a floral pattern is characteristic of the design and exudes an irresistible charm. This also includes the pretty, one-sided wavy edge that successfully rounds off the runner. So much style and attention to detail attracts everyone's attention - on the dining table, on the chest of drawers or on the sideboard. The most beautiful thing, however, is

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